Sticker Green Crown USA Moon Landing


Celebrate the iconic moon landing with our Green Crown USA Moon Landing Sticker. Show off your love for American history, environmental progress, and pop culture with this inspiring sticker.

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The elliptical movement of the moon makes it vary its distance from the earth, to see it you just have to look at an exact point at the same time, the next day you can see you looking at the same point, in the same space of time, if the moon has ascended or descended.

– Ascending Moon:

The liquids ascend, the sap rises to the upper parts of the plant, it is the perfect stage to cut the cuttings and prepare them. At this stage you should avoid harvesting cannabis, as it is a plant that needs to be dried.

– Descending Moon:

It’s the best moon phase to plant seeds. Liquids flow downward, increasing the activity of the underground part of the plant, so it’s a good time to do tasks with the roots, germinate seeds, or plant them. It is also a good time to do soil enrichment work.

The plants’ sap moves constantly inside them. But when the moon is in descending phase, its magnetism tends to push, to promote the activity in the lower part of the plants. However, when the Moon is in the ascending phase, this activity is more concentrated in the upper part, and this factor is especially important in defining the work to be done at each moment in our garden.

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