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Introducing our eco-friendly Green Man Sticker! This adhesive decal features a vibrant design of the iconic “green man” symbol, symbolizing sustainable living and environmental consciousness. Perfect for personalizing your laptop, water bottle, or notebook, this high-quality sticker is made from durable, eco-conscious materials. Spread the message of green living and add a touch of nature to your everyday items with our Green Man Sticker.

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This is the Green Man (also called Jack in the Green, John Barleycorn, Herne of the Hunt, the Green Knight, and many, many other names) and he’s a feature of much of the pastoral lore in the Celtic countries, including Great Britain and Ireland where he’s been a constant for thousands of years. But his rule extends far beyond the Celts. Art of the Green Man (or Green Man-esque figures) is common in Arabic, Indian, and even far-Asian cultures. You can even find him in the old Norse stomping grounds– and for those of you who are fans of Game of Thrones, just where do you think George R.R. Martin got the inspiration for the faces in his weirwood trees, hmm?

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