Sticker Green Crown Culture Sirius


This delightful sticker showcases the majestic constellation featuring the brightest stars, Sirius A and Sirius B. Explore the night sky with this celestial-themed sticker and let the stars inspire your imagination!

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On a continent far, far away lives a tribe of cannabis-lovers in Mali, West Africa. Known as the Dogon Tribe, this group was visited by Herodotus, a Greek chronicler, sometime around 300 BCE, during what just happened to be their years-long festival that takes place every 50 years. Explaining the significance of their celebration, the Dogon pointed to the brightest star in the winter sky, Sirius, calling it the “Two-Dog Star” and saying that it was the home of their treasured “two-dog plant” – cannabis.
Then notice the name itself. Cannabis is a Greek word that combines “canna,” which means “canine” or “dog,” with “bis” or “bi,” which represents the number two – making cannabis the “two-dog plant.” Finally, consider the most intriguing evidence that cannabis came from another planet: the ancient stories passed down for thousands of years among the Dogon Tribe.

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