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Introducing Rick Steves of NORML, the ultimate accessory for eco-conscious travelers. This product combines style and sustainability with its vibrant green color and eco-friendly materials. Designed by renowned travel guru Rick Steves, it embodies his environmentally conscious philosophy. Perfect for any adventure, this crown is not only fashionable but also ethically made, ensuring a guilt-free travel experience.

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Rick Steves is a popular public television host, a best-selling guidebook author, the founder and CEO of a successful travel business — and one of the most high-profile people in America fighting to end the failed war on marijuana. A member of NORML for more than two decades, he has been on the Board of Directors since 2013 and is now serving his third term as Board Chair.

Rick is an outspoken activist who encourages Americans to broaden their perspectives through travel. In his own travels through Europe, Rick has learned that pragmatic harm reduction makes much more sense than legislating morality and measuring success by incarceration. And as a champion of civil liberties, he believes that if responsible adults want to smoke a little pot recreationally, there’s no good reason for our government to try to stop them.

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