3g Amplified THCA+THCP+D9 Disposable


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Introducing our 3g Amplified THCA+THCP+D9 Disposable, a convenient and potent blend of THCA, THCP, and D9 in a disposable form. Experience the benefits of these powerful cannabinoids with ease and discretion. With a 3g capacity, this product ensures long-lasting use. Explore the potential of this harmonious combination while enjoying the convenience of a disposable device.

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Blue Milk – Sativa, Strawberry Sour Diesel- Sativa, Animal Mintz Rosin – Hybrid, Crimson Toro – Hybrid, SFV OG – Indica, Sour Tangie Rosin- Sativa, Runtz – Hybrid, Rainbow Belts Rosin – Indica, Hella Jelly Sauce – Sativa, Watermelon Splash – Hybrid


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